We are an international general trading company, specializing in trade worldwide. As your trading partner, we can offer you a wide range of expertise in marketing and distribution of your products and services. Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor looking to launch or expand your products’ presence in the international trade arena, or you are searching for a particular product or service from overseas, we can assist you in achieving your mission.



Your trusted partner in value-added distribution, marketing and agency representation for one of the world’s most dynamic and growing markets.

We are looking for international partners who wants to promote their products in middle east countries. We may work for you as a regional distributors.



We are hailed to be one of the best long term and short term investors and we are always looking to improve your scope for future growth.

We investing in company ownership, in contracts and in founders with bold ideas in their late stages.



International General Trading Company.

Hub of Products around the world with capability to import and export worldwide.

Regardless of where you want to trade, we strive to make it happen with ease and precision.





Our Story

Founded in 2017, ARM TRADE mission is to remove the complexities of business in the UAE and worldwide so that our partners can focus 100% on running their businesses. 



we are one of most reputable international general trading company that represents leading manufacturers and suppliers on an international scale. Being a reliable and trustworthy supplier, we have the innate capability to execute orders of all sizes. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services for the most affordable price. Honesty, integrity, and value are what our company’s reputation is built upon. We put our best foot forward to be the most efficient and professional company in the industry, while promptly delivering only the highest quality products and services – we place our customers as the first priority in all stages of the product and service delivery chain.

Assisting you with effective trading solutions for increasing global presence

As an international trading company, we specialize in general global trade. By choosing us as your expert trading partner, we can provide you with efficient marketing and distribution solutions for your products and/or services. We have extensive experience in assisting manufacturers and distributors with achieving their mission of gaining a global presence. Additionally, we help companies and individuals with finding the best products and services for their needs.

Providing value from our experienced general trading employees

When it comes to assisting suppliers and retailers to connect on a worldwide basis, we ensure that only the best products make their way from the factory floor all the way to the store shelf. We are able to do this with the help of our professional employee base, whom have an utmost amount of focus on providing our clients and partners with support to realize greater value from our international supply chain. Our network of employees consists of highly educated and experienced employees in a myriad of backgrounds, including of engineering, marketing, business, shipping, etc.



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